Wednesday, October 7, 2015

As such, October's Fine Tuning update contains a few improvements and another round of balance changes and bug fixes. Stay tuned for more info on the next release, and in the meantime enjoy this update!

3 mins ago by Lightning

Dirty Bomb will be in maintenance at 16:00 UTC on October 7th, 2015, in order to perform a game update. The maintenance is expected to last 3 hours.

16 hours ago by Lightning

Hey, since ET is really dead I'm looking for a new fps to play.

2 days ago by overdrive

Stage one completed - Stage two is next week

3 days ago by Lightning

However, we now feel it is a good time to reveal to the community our current and most recent plans for the future of Firefall. We have many awesome things in the works and planned so we hope you are as excited about the evolution of Firefall as we are.

4 days ago by Lightning

List of topics that been discussed on the dev stream.

7 days ago by Lightning

Doom creator John Romero leads us through the game's legendary original episode, sharing stories and secrets.

2 weeks ago by Lightning

On Sunday, October 4th we’ll be hosting the first stage of our Proving Ground Cup #1 event. This will be a two stage tournament taking place over two consecutive weekends, and unlike our last events, we’ll be excluding our top teams from participating.

2 weeks ago by Lightning

It's time for another Fine Tuning update! Along with our usual round of Balance Changes and Bug Fixes, we're making a significant update to the Lobby screen.

2 weeks ago by Lightning

Dirty Bomb will be in maintenance at 16:00 UTC on September 22nd, 2015, in order to perform a game update. The maintenance is expected to last 2 hours.

2 weeks ago by Lightning

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What's up

Open the console, type switchlevel obj_whitechapel Other maps: Obj_canarywharf Obj_bridge Obj_terminal Obj_trainyard A way to check the maps

Changing Merc: set SGPlayerReplicationInfo m_SlotArcheTypes CovertOps_01_Gameplay.Pawns.A_CovertOps_01

obj list class=Weapon set SGPawn Items (A_AmmoPack_01, A_Revive_01) set SGPawn MeleeWeapons (A_Katana_01)

set SGPawn PrimaryWeapons (A_Katana_01) set SGPawn SecondaryWeapons (A_Katana_01)

Dirty Bomb CFG's:

- Kroad: Most ugliest one but highest FPS - Outc1der: High fps but bit better graphics - Lightning: High detailed config, but great FPS

using kroads, cause in need of fps :(

Fail Panzer by mud:

I'll combine it with something from the same game,

ET Reborn LAN over, TAG Success Continues!!

hotel room confirmed!!

The one you told about?

yes did you book your room already?

No we failed horrible on that, arranging it today, trying to find alternative ones.