Monday, January 26, 2015


After a long period of darkness in ET we got a little light with Adroits ET Masters LAN in Weesp this June. TAG got asked if we would be able to have a team for this LAN and after not thinking so long I talked with kresti, the ball started rolling fast in finding the right players for the spots that we had. Most of the players played in one way or another together in different teams and all played on several lans before.

The core of the team played on SAGE Lan last year in Enschede where Nordic ended as 4th which was quite the performance considering they played with a merc. One more player was at the SAGE LAN playing rifle but sadly his team didn't make it past the group stages.

This time we do all want to pass the group stages and aim for the top 3 all though it's hard to say at this moment which teams will attend. Upcoming months we will slowly start praccing and join any interesting league or cup that comes along till the LAN.


  • Lightning
  • aphesia
  • kReSti
  • Stownage
  • griim

We will arrive in our TAG van with BBQ early in June and accept any donations from 10 Euro to a 100 Euro in bringing some meat on the BBQ. and (Quakenet)


big mistake recruiting this aphesia guy, I heard he got banned by tzac!!!!


Lol fail incoming. But nice to see the effort being made again :D See you on LANzz


It's the effort that counts!


lulz!! so german! hF


griim in a tag lineup. where has this community come to :='(


Good luck :o)





What's up

In need of a SMG engi and most likely another medic for upcoming LAN.

Aren't you going with the kresti team?

no im not :)

Think I saw you in 3 different lineups since 2 weeks :D

Thats because I play the CF cup with dESIRE and usually replace Fireball in the German team because he has no time to pracc before the LAN.

Where are all the players on [N e X u S] !?!?!?

There still is a N e X u S ?

all on Hirntot/los

overdrive come talk about playing ET again, some people over here want to play premier league :]

i was planning on buying a decent headset this friday, but they didnt have any at my favourite pc shop :'(

how about buying them online? ur excuses are almost as cheap as aryus!

fuck you midas :(

Do you have TS3? Searching for a good clan...

Of course we got TS3, but one does not simply walk into our TS3

i search good clan aswell i wanna be in TAG.

i c what u did there!

Nations cup starting soon guys, be ready! :)

going for gold

One Day Cupski #11 Grand Final Team Decerto vs Monks of bolivia

lol midas atm ET is really boring, no competition out there and it's mostly mixes and some semi stable teams.

nexus = go allies and camp

is going to watch ETTV now :D

tag looking for 2 decent players, Stable, West Europe and 18+, avi 3 times a week

tag might be looking for some additions to the lineup :]

TAG at 3 golden pokals in a row, winning the 6on6 cups

bye by ET

yes rly long time

ET of 2004 thats really long time ago lol

letz paly paly on NeXus

want back ET from Year 2004

good i am the only one have aim probs SLAC :(

no trolling, its all facts! :)


yes SLAC suck dicks but ye none cares