Thursday, November 27, 2014

Overwatch isn't perfect, but its esports potential is real -

But while they might not want to use the word, it's clear competitive gaming is a big part of what they're doing. Blizzard broadcast an “in-house” tournament. Kaplan used phrases like when you play the game “non-competitive.” That, combined with the fact that the game is hosted solely on Blizzard servers, means they’re clearly thinking some kind of competitive mode or ladder.

2 weeks ago by Lightning

Canada Cup 2014 Grand Finals -

I have no clue what was going on half of the time but it sure was an epic fight (or shoutcast)

2 weeks ago by overdrive

Blizzard announced a new 6vs6 team based FPS shooter -

Today Blizzard anounced a new 6vs6 FPS shooter which reminds a lot like UT2004, TF2 meets Hon. Payload and Capturepoint(territories) maps. Overwatch features a wide array of unique heroes, ranging from a time-jumping adventurer, to an armored, rocket-hammer-wielding warrior, to a transcendent robot monk. Every hero plays differently, and mastering their abilities is the key to unlocking their potential. No two heroes are the same.

3 weeks ago by Lightning

FireFall Update 1.2 Preview: Operation: Miru -

Operation: Miru is designed for five max-level players. Unlike some of our other content, Operation: Miru does not scale down in difficulty if you bring fewer than five players. It is specifically designed to be group content, so you’ll be hard pressed to complete it if you decide to try and go it alone.

3 weeks ago by Lightning

Another one bites the dust! -

Dutch retard gets banned for cheating, see you :)

4 weeks ago by aphesia

Trailer EVOLVE a CO-OP FPS Game -

From the makers of Left 4 Dead they now releasing a new co-op multiplayer game where you and 3 team mates fight against a player controlled monster. Choose your class in hunter, support, medic or assault. It's in Alpha stage atm, release date feb 2015

4 weeks ago by Lightning

FireFall - Patch notes for V1.1.1832 -

- Out of combat health regeneration potency has been significantly decreased. - All battleframes have had their base health regeneration adjusted. - Couple of Battleframe changes, few big changes to Electron Engi frame. - All hybrid (two stats) ability and weapon modules are craftable. - The Army Interface has received a complete redesign.

4 weeks ago by Lightning

RAP NEWS 29 - G20 Rap with Tony Abbott - feat. Scott Ludlam -

The G20 Summit is happening and the leaders of the wealthiest nations on the planet are converging on Australia to come and learn directly at the feet of the master of fascist dystopian fuckwittery: Tony Abbott. Join the noble Australian Prime Minister as he lists his recent achievements and launches the opening of the G20 Summit in Australia, backed by a faithful and compliant mainstream media, represented by our favorite local correspondent Ken Oathcarn

1 month ago by Lightning

Dota 2 - Matchfixing scandal investigation continues, players suspended temporarily -

After having scandals like this in football it also starting in gaming, stuff got way more serious in just a couple of years.

1 month ago by Lightning

Firefall Patch Notes for v1.1.1824 -

- An all new system has been introduced which rewards players for reaching specific session playtimes. (Please see the General Updates section for more information). - AOE Weapon Modules and Weapon Charge up modules bonuses are being reduced by 50%. - Three all-new Dynamic Encounters have been added to the open world. These include ‘Aranha Infestation’, ‘Brontodon Carcass’ and ‘Bandit Campfire’.

2 months ago by Lightning

What's up

HAHA i got a nighthawk for 7000 bucks!!!

taggers alive! Hello :)


just watched game of thrones. another of my favourite chars died :'(

he did the overdrive? :D

too much speeching?

Pre-ordered Wolfenstein; yeah what.

u orderd the a single player game? :D

I have lots of single player games!

Plus pre-ordering gives you access to the Doom beta, so I can be disappointed not once, but twice.

Just watched latest Game of Thrones, first episode of season 4. None of my favourite characters were killed this episode. I enjoyed it!

So it was a bad episode overall.

Watched episode 2. My most hated char just died. I miss him already.

so happy that he died

Did you just add that word yourself?

no it was there already! :D

HawKen now on steam yay! anyone here played it yet? :)

No idea what that is :o

I'm not surprised at this post, you come out at top :d

would have posted it either way! not being home biased! rude chicken ftw!!!

Not sure if real. but don't stampede on the toilet.

am i the only one with an extraction beta key?!? (former dirty bomb)

You got one as well, I didn't get any key yet

just dlling this extraction game thingi!

was kinda okish!

As of now only you and medixza played the beta.

its an overdrive chicken! :D

Hitler wasn't that bad at start he just turned out to be bad at the end.

so basicly what u are saying is that he just didnt finish his projects properly? :DD

That's something Overdrive might say!, I'm just saying he started out doing good things but somewhere along the line he got bat shit crazy.

انفجار التمثال الحرمان من الخدمة

That makes no sense!

Just making sure our NSA buddies visit this site once in a while :-)

I think they been on you since 2005 so don't worry :]

just bought Company of Heroes 2 (release 25.6)

how would you rate it?

just preorded it! i gonna give u a full review next week after i played it a bit!

Hi 21st century! WAN1 - ADSL (3.6Mbps/0.6Mbps) WAN2 - Cable (31Mbps/2Mbps) Ports 27000-27999 through WAN1, others GTFO to WAN2. :')

still cant beat mine. nice try tho :D

True, I am glad that I don't have to throw coal into the boiler to keep mine running! :p

but cable has lower ping ;o

Not necessarily, and it is certainly not the case for me; I tested both lines, and my ADSL line has both lower and more stable latency.

ADSL performance is only related to the distance you are from your nearest central while cable doesn't have that problem.

Just bought a brand new SIII for 192 €. Damn I'm good :)

Giant phone, or maybe I'm just a midget? ;p

5" is the future of smartphones. Whenever I see one of my friends with his iphone 5, I just feel bad for them and their tiny mobile :)

The difference in screen isn't that huge is it? unless we are not talking about the Samsung S3 :]

Iphone is ridiculously small compared to todays 5" smartphones.

FAO the unremitting void, fuck you. Good night and see you tomorrow?

The unremitting void will be filled someday! In the meantime play some ET mixes with us.

Don't worry about the future, or worry, but know that worrying is as effective as trying to solve an algebra equation by chewing bubblegum.

The real troubles in your life are apt to be things that never crossed your worried mind, the kind that blindside you at 4pm on some idle Tuesday. sup faggots

Seems you really got hurt there.

noob noob

I approve of this.

does she hit what i think she hits?

time to roll nerds on nexus

What's this shit !