Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Is anyone playing overwatch? I installed it three days ago and have to admit they made a great game though it sucks solo queuing it.


This 'app' is a website, made by the guys who made twitch and its vastly superiour to teamspeak / ventrillo. I'm usually hanging out there in the evening.


I'll add that later, I'm not playing OW anymore since Closed Beta. Didn't buy it, might get it depending on Dirty Bomb failure :D

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What's up

For overdrive:

please give me your old eve online account. i need isk

sup with overwatch?

aphesia is gay

It's chaotic !

just installed and took me 20 games to loose one map : D

hotel room confirmed!!

The one you told about?

yes did you book your room already?

No we failed horrible on that, arranging it today, trying to find alternative ones.

LAN is getting closer!! need bbq confirmations!!


Merry freaking xmas to everyone!!!

Merry xmas :)