Monday, August 3, 2015

With the Hotfix Update on July 30th, we've updated the game with a set of improvements and fixes, with a particular eye to improving Melee combat.

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Tuesday the 4th August, 19:00 CEST (GMT +1)

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Every day, from July 31st through August 2nd, eight of our twelve purchasable Mercs will be in rotation, the specific Mercs changing up each day!

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The client has been rewritten from scratch, with aim to portability and extended user interface. Support for Windows XP is back as well. It should work on every operating system since Windows XP SP3, including the same

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Cup date: Tuesday the 28th of July, 19:00 CEST (GMT +1)

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Pinky, the Double-Barrel Shotgun, incredibly fast multiplayer, SnapMap, , and id Tech 6! Watch the first gameplay trailer for the new DOOM from id Software arriving in Spring 2016.

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Due to some bugs, Sparks was previously banned from events. However, those bugs have been fixed in the latest Dirty Bomb patch.

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Polish your armor, shoe your steed, and sharpen those lances—The Grand Tournament, Hearthstone’s second expansion, is about to make its triumphant debut!

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Today’s redesign moves half of the video player – specifically the controls – from Flash to HTML5 and Javascript. The video itself is still in Flash underneath the controls. However, this is an important step to releasing the much-anticipated full HTML5 player.

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With this update, in lieu of adding in new features or Mercs, we have focused on refining Dirty Bomb's existing content and gameplay in order to keep Dirty Bomb as fair, sturdy and competitive as possible.

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What's up

Open the console, type switchlevel obj_whitechapel Other maps: Obj_canarywharf Obj_bridge Obj_terminal Obj_trainyard A way to check the maps

Changing Merc: set SGPlayerReplicationInfo m_SlotArcheTypes CovertOps_01_Gameplay.Pawns.A_CovertOps_01

obj list class=Weapon set SGPawn Items (A_AmmoPack_01, A_Revive_01) set SGPawn MeleeWeapons (A_Katana_01)

set SGPawn PrimaryWeapons (A_Katana_01) set SGPawn SecondaryWeapons (A_Katana_01)

Dirty Bomb CFG's:

- Kroad: Most ugliest one but highest FPS - Outc1der: High fps but bit better graphics - Lightning: High detailed config, but great FPS

using kroads, cause in need of fps :(

Fail Panzer by mud:

I'll combine it with something from the same game,

ET Reborn LAN over, TAG Success Continues!!

hotel room confirmed!!

The one you told about?

yes did you book your room already?

No we failed horrible on that, arranging it today, trying to find alternative ones.