Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Aside from the little stints I’ve had playing BattleField games and such, QuakeWorld is what I’m best known for. I started playing Quake 1 during QTest in early 96, played online (dial-up modem) later that year, and fiddled with mods for a number of years afterwards.

1 day ago by Lightning

There seems to be some discussion about the schedules on LAN specially the loser bracket for 6on6, which should really be added!

6 days ago by Lightning

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What's up

LAN is getting closer!! need bbq confirmations!!


Ending of first stream test has ended my follower base increased with 4 and the stream actually streamed okay besides for NuggaN :]

it's in the stream section on this page, but it's

no video :'(

epic stream is epic

Just got noticed I'll be getting a new Zowie EC1-A after the first one I got had a broken Mouse3 button.

Deadline extended with 24 hours to give tMoe, SICK6 and team Rockit time to fix their payment.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Lightning how do you like playing with Americans? :D

It was pretty loud on TS that's what I remember :)