Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Might be handy for people that need config tweaking, but not have a clue how that works!

6 days ago by aphesia

After two weeks the group stage of the United Cup I has come to an end. It is now time to get ready for the playoffs. The play offs will consist of a Consolation and Champions brackets that feature a single- and double elimination system respectively. The upcoming games for playoffs will be: Finland vs TAG and Rockit.ET vs Yermanz

8 hours ago by Lightning

In this episode we meet Rhino, the only Merc with an ability that weighs as much as he does.

11 hours ago by Lightning

One of the many demos I still got from the old times of Enemy Territory, streamed this after our horrible match against rockit. At the time of this demo ET was just over 1 year old.

18 hours ago by Lightning

Second match TAG vs Rockit in the Enemy Territory United cup I with second round maps Supply and Bremen.

18 hours ago by Lightning

The summer is coming and that means another SummerCup! We are happy to announce you the ET United SummerCup '15. This will be a cup with the 3 main formats: 2on2, 3on3 & 6on6. The sign ups will be opened this Friday, the 29th of May.

2 days ago by Lightning

We're gearing up for bigger and better things, so I want to hear it from the proverbial horse's mouth first: How is Dirty Bomb?

2 days ago by Lightning

Maps will be Missile and Radar, Tune in for the Missile failure!

4 days ago by Lightning

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What's up

ET Reborn LAN over, TAG Success Continues!!

hotel room confirmed!!

The one you told about?

yes did you book your room already?

No we failed horrible on that, arranging it today, trying to find alternative ones.

LAN is getting closer!! need bbq confirmations!!


Ending of first stream test has ended my follower base increased with 4 and the stream actually streamed okay besides for NuggaN :]

it's in the stream section on this page, but it's

no video :'(

epic stream is epic

Just got noticed I'll be getting a new Zowie EC1-A after the first one I got had a broken Mouse3 button.