Friday, March 6, 2015

SPU9 just decided to once again support the community with this cup and to motivate all the indecisive people to make the right decision and sign up for the upcoming ET Reborn Lan because otherwise you are not allowed to take part in this tournament.

1 day ago by Lightning

Certain browsers can be forced to use the weaker encryption - where they get cracked it in a matter of hours, opening up the possibility of stealing passwords and other mischief. A more direct explanation here

1 day ago by Lightning

We have tried to generate as much interest as possible, with much success! Over the last few weeks teams have worked to build their lineups and ensure a timely payment. After much communication between these teams and admins, we have decided to extend the deadline of the payments to Wednesday, 11th of March 2015.

2 days ago by Lightning

I don't watch Nascar at all but I do like this commercial they made for it, need more of these!

3 days ago by Lightning

Digital Ocean

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What's up Lightning how do you like playing with Americans? :D

It was pretty loud on TS that's what I remember :)

Streams overview is working again, including speed improve on the overview page. Now only loads the stream you select!

Heard on Firefall twitch stream that they are bringing back PvP Arena next to combat revamp, including faster combat, recoil and more HS dmg

In need of a SMG engi and most likely another medic for upcoming LAN.

Aren't you going with the kresti team?

no im not :)

Think I saw you in 3 different lineups since 2 weeks :D

Thats because I play the CF cup with dESIRE and usually replace Fireball in the German team because he has no time to pracc before the LAN.

Happy New Year, Let's see what 2015 brings for gaming.

Happy new year to you and everybody else on here!