Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Eastern European Men School - https://www.youtube.com

I'm sure Kirej just recently graduated from this school.

6 days ago by Lightning

FireFall - Path to Launch Blog #7: New Campaign Missions and Open World PvP - http://www.firefallthegame.com

Two of the most important pieces of content that were added with that patch that we have yet to discuss are the addition of Open World PvP, along with the completion of Chapter One of Firefall’s Episodic Campaign.

6 days ago by Lightning

FireFall - It has arrived the first live version of FireFall - Patch Notes for Update 1.0 - http://www.firefallthegame.com

Sertao has been added to the open world intended for levels 25-37. Battleframes now advance in levels rather than constraints. Maximum level will be reached at 40. Permanent item loss has been removed. Open World PvP added: All bases and towers are able to be captured by players by destroying their protective objectives and interacting with the command terminal. Spawn Point – IF you die in the Peninsula, you will respawn at the closest place that your team owns to where you died.

7 days ago by Lightning

What's up

Where are all the players on [N e X u S] !?!?!?

There still is a N e X u S ?

all on Hirntot/los

Site running again, all errors fixed unless you find some new ones :)

i just had 4 notifications for this one post

just watched game of thrones. another of my favourite chars died :'(

he did the overdrive? :D

too much speeching?

med1xza how is the new Wolfenstein? :)

The checkpoint based saving is slightly annoying though.

Sounds like it's actually worth playing :o, any strafing included?

Completed yesterday; final bit was annoying! Can't seem to strafe jump like in Rage, but never rely the need to.

It has it's faults for sure, such as the DoF that you can't adjust; and some WRF stupid moments, but I still had fun with it.

I meant 'WTF'.

Pre-ordered Wolfenstein; yeah what.

u orderd the a single player game? :D

I have lots of single player games!

Plus pre-ordering gives you access to the Doom beta, so I can be disappointed not once, but twice.

Just watched latest Game of Thrones, first episode of season 4. None of my favourite characters were killed this episode. I enjoyed it!

So it was a bad episode overall.

Watched episode 2. My most hated char just died. I miss him already.

so happy that he died

I got some spare Strife keys, if anyone is interested.

get on irc please need ts help evildrive broke it!


Did you just add that word yourself?

no it was there already! :D

strife beta key anyone?

I got one already, didn't try it yet though

u should give it a shot its quiet fun tho!

HawKen now on steam yay! anyone here played it yet? :)

No idea what that is :o



I'm not surprised at this post, you come out at top :d

would have posted it either way! not being home biased!

StayGreen won Dreamhack again in a stomp final against Denial Esports, Dreamhack winter 2013 Hon champions.

A BYOC made it in the Dreamhack winter playoffs guaranteeing 3000 USD, seems they losing their first playoff against denial now though.

http://distractify.com/fun/fails/the-x-worst-asian-sign-translations-of-all-time/ rude chicken ftw!!!

Not sure if real. but don't stampede on the toilet.

Thanks Kirej http://p.taggers.eu/um260p.png if you registered at old dirtybomb site and want an extraction key go to secure.warchest.com/dirtybomb/

do u like it?

Did't try yet, took a while to download.

http://tera-forums.enmasse.com/forums/general-discussion/topics/ini-tweaks-and-performance-guide?nxid=266 might be usefull

am i the only one with an extraction beta key?!? (former dirty bomb)

You got one as well, I didn't get any key yet

just dlling this extraction game thingi!

was kinda okish!

As of now only you and medixza played the beta.