Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Status midas

sup with overwatch?

aphesia is gay

It's chaotic !

just installed and took me 20 games to loose one map : D

hotel room confirmed!!

The one you told about?

yes did you book your room already?

No we failed horrible on that, arranging it today, trying to find alternative ones.

LAN is getting closer!! need bbq confirmations!!


Merry freaking xmas to everyone!!!

Merry xmas :)


HAHA i got a nighthawk for 7000 bucks!!!

taggers alive! Hello :)



Did you just add that word yourself?

no it was there already! :D

strife beta key anyone?

I got one already, didn't try it yet though

u should give it a shot its quiet fun tho!


I'm not surprised at this post, you come out at top :d

would have posted it either way! not being home biased!

http://distractify.com/fun/fails/the-x-worst-asian-sign-translations-of-all-time/ rude chicken ftw!!!

Not sure if real. but don't stampede on the toilet.

am i the only one with an extraction beta key?!? (former dirty bomb)

You got one as well, I didn't get any key yet

just dlling this extraction game thingi!

was kinda okish!

As of now only you and medixza played the beta.

its an overdrive chicken! :D http://www.derlacher.de/p/775305?utm_source=brezel&utm_medium=brezel&utm_campaign=brezel

Hitler wasn't that bad at start he just turned out to be bad at the end.

so basicly what u are saying is that he just didnt finish his projects properly? :DD

That's something Overdrive might say!, I'm just saying he started out doing good things but somewhere along the line he got bat shit crazy.

just bought Company of Heroes 2 (release 25.6)

how would you rate it?

just preorded it! i gonna give u a full review next week after i played it a bit!

lets play this shootmania beta and win 100k€

does it have landmines?

We got one month to get pro in a game that's a bad version of quake so idk.

should be possible! :D

Just trying out FireFall already, all though they got lots of stuff to add and fix.

i are drunk!

Well done!

oh cpt obvious

just watched blood diamonds again and once again i had to think about overdrive :D

remove brink section rework streams maybe

second that!

played 2 games of hon! 2 times leaver :( won one tho!


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What's up

For overdrive: https://vid.pr0gramm.com/2016/08/02/2ef1fc2c75e496e3.mp4

please give me your old eve online account. i need isk

sup with overwatch?

aphesia is gay

It's chaotic !

just installed and took me 20 games to loose one map : D

Open the console, type switchlevel obj_whitechapel Other maps: Obj_canarywharf Obj_bridge Obj_terminal Obj_trainyard A way to check the maps

Changing Merc: set SGPlayerReplicationInfo m_SlotArcheTypes CovertOps_01_Gameplay.Pawns.A_CovertOps_01

obj list class=Weapon set SGPawn Items (A_AmmoPack_01, A_Revive_01) set SGPawn MeleeWeapons (A_Katana_01)

set SGPawn PrimaryWeapons (A_Katana_01) set SGPawn SecondaryWeapons (A_Katana_01)

Dirty Bomb CFG's: http://pastebin.com/9V7t6XRK http://pastebin.com/H9Q6uDt4 http://www.idcation.com/progs/Lightning_Dirty_Bomb_CFG.rar

- Kroad: Most ugliest one but highest FPS - Outc1der: High fps but bit better graphics - Lightning: High detailed config, but great FPS

using kroads, cause in need of fps :(

Fail Panzer by mud: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VAWwdlFexMk

I'll combine it with something from the same game, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wJZ45dy4b5U