Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Status overdrive

just watched game of thrones. another of my favourite chars died :'(

he did the overdrive? :D

too much speeching?

Just watched latest Game of Thrones, first episode of season 4. None of my favourite characters were killed this episode. I enjoyed it!

So it was a bad episode overall.

Watched episode 2. My most hated char just died. I miss him already.

so happy that he died

انفجار التمثال الحرمان من الخدمة

That makes no sense!

Just making sure our NSA buddies visit this site once in a while :-)

I think they been on you since 2005 so don't worry :]

Just bought a brand new SIII for 192 €. Damn I'm good :)

Giant phone, or maybe I'm just a midget? ;p

5" is the future of smartphones. Whenever I see one of my friends with his iphone 5, I just feel bad for them and their tiny mobile :)

The difference in screen isn't that huge is it? unless we are not talking about the Samsung S3 :]

Iphone is ridiculously small compared to todays 5" smartphones.

I'm not sure what to think of this, but I didn't finish the song. sup faggots

Seems you really got hurt there.

noob noob

I approve of this.

does she hit what i think she hits?

time to roll nerds on nexus

What's this shit !

Those are always good talks

thumbs up?!?!? :D

Firefall beta, send me a pm if you want a beta key. Already sent one to lightning and one to midas.

I haz a key?

mathijs at aidiekation

where did u sent it to?

This firefall site doesn't wanna reactivate my account, cause I don't receive any email from them!

your gmx mail

Can you allow for editting of the description after the post has been made?

You came with that so fast already, was hoping it wouldn't be used that fast! But I'll change it soon just for you!

I dont have to login every single time I visit this site :D It's fixed!

Magic I tell you Magic!

Actually I killed cookies. So the new crossfire actually did bring some good.

You probably still had the old beta cookie, glad you finally staying logged in.


she mad at me :'(

she mad at me :'(


just discovered fops lvl4 on nexus

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What's up

For overdrive:

please give me your old eve online account. i need isk

sup with overwatch?

aphesia is gay

It's chaotic !

just installed and took me 20 games to loose one map : D

Open the console, type switchlevel obj_whitechapel Other maps: Obj_canarywharf Obj_bridge Obj_terminal Obj_trainyard A way to check the maps

Changing Merc: set SGPlayerReplicationInfo m_SlotArcheTypes CovertOps_01_Gameplay.Pawns.A_CovertOps_01

obj list class=Weapon set SGPawn Items (A_AmmoPack_01, A_Revive_01) set SGPawn MeleeWeapons (A_Katana_01)

set SGPawn PrimaryWeapons (A_Katana_01) set SGPawn SecondaryWeapons (A_Katana_01)

Dirty Bomb CFG's:

- Kroad: Most ugliest one but highest FPS - Outc1der: High fps but bit better graphics - Lightning: High detailed config, but great FPS

using kroads, cause in need of fps :(

Fail Panzer by mud:

I'll combine it with something from the same game,